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Microsoft Computer Training Webinar Schedule

QuickCert Live Instructor Support Package

QuickCert understands that students new to the industry will require support to complete their training, get certified and remain up to date with industry developments. Our Ongoing Training Support Package permits students to participate in our live technical webinars featuring our in-house instructor Chuck Moore. Purchase of the package also includes the ability to speak off line directly to Chuck. Imagine having the coaching assistance of the trainer himself available to you. You need every advantage in this competitive space. For more information on how to register for the series, please contact your Career Consultant at 1.888.840.2378. Or contact us via our website >> Click Here

Package Includes:

  • One Year access to scheduled LIVE Webinars.
  • Access to live one on one support with instructor Chuck Moore.
  • One year unlimited access to QuickCert's online content.
  • Package also includes access to the ever growing archive of past webinar presentations.

Microsoft Computer Training Webinar Schedule:

Week of July 21st: All times are Eastern Standard Time.


Install Server 2012 with GUI (410)
Install Server 2012 Core Server (410)
Install and Configure Read-only DC (411)
AD Accounts – Users & Templates (410)
AD – Computer Accounts – Configuration (410)


* Webinar schedule may be subject to change.

For more information on how to register for the series, please contact your Career Consultant at 1.888.840.2378. Or contact us via our website >> Click Here

QuickCert Live Webinar Series Features Instructor Chuck Moore

Instructor - Chuck MooreChuck Moore

MCT, MCSE, MCDBA, MCTS, CNI, CNE, A+, Network+ and Security+


Chuck graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education and taught public school in 1980. He soon moved to the IT world at Scientific Atlanta and provided PC support for the in-house engineers. Novell NetWare was the first networking platform that Chuck experienced. He became a CNE and advanced his technical skills further when he began teaching as a Novell CNI. Chuck continued teaching and providing technical support when he became an MCSE and MCT for the NT 4.0 operating system, as well as the Server 2000/2003/2008 operating systems. In addition, Chuck is certified and teaches classes as an MCDBA / MCTS for the Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 applications. Chuck's early experiences in hardware support transitioned nicely when he began to teach the CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ classes. Chuck seems to have a heart for the new student who is just starting the significant task of passing IT exams. He remembers when he was at that same beginning point, but after 27 years in the industry, he still gets a kick when he helps someone pass their first IT exam.

QuickCert Computer Training Webinar Topics:

Signed up for QuickCert's live-instructor Microsoft webinars but not sure which one to take first? Check out the topic description details below.

Active Directory Tools - Microsoft "Active Directory Domain Services" (AD DS) is a central management configuration for the enterprise administrator. In this webinar, we examine and demonstrate the different tools that can be used to manage the Active Directory environment. The tools demonstrated will include: "Active Directory Users and Computers;" "Active Directory Sites and Services;" "Active Directory Domains and Trusts;" and "ADSIedit."

Active Directory Users and Groups - one of the key capabilities of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the security management of all users and groups in the corporate environment. This webinar will demonstrate the creation and management of the User accounts, as well as the different Group accounts. Group accounts will be defined, and the scope of influence for the different groups will be explained and demonstrated.

Domain Controller Installation - there are considerations to be made when a new Active Directory Domain Controller is being added to an existing AD DS environment, compared to the first Domain Controller being installed to create a new Active Directory Domain. In this webinar, we will demonstrate both the new Domain (new Tree/Forest) installation, as well as the existing Domain installation.

Group Policy Objects - Overview - Group Policy Objects (GPO) permit the management of multiple users and computers in the AD DS environment. This powerful capability will be introduced in an overview fashion along with the tools to manage Group Policy Objects. The different configuration options ("User" vs. "Computer" ) will be explored within the default GPOs in the domain and the concept of creating new Group Policy Objects will be demonstrated.

Group Policy Objects - Security - Group Policy Objects are very powerful for managing secure access to resources in the enterprise environment. This webinar will show the default security configuration for GPOs and then explore how to modify the "inheritance" of the Group Policy Objects within the Active Directory tree structure (domains and OUs). Different scenarios will be demonstrated to show how security can be customized for application of the Group Policy Objects.

Group Policy Objects - Software Installation - one of the capabilities of the Group Policy Object is the installation of software. This webinar will demonstrate the ability to implement software to either the user, or to the computer through the Group Policy Object.

Active Directory Master Roles - within Active Directory, there are specific "roles" that are maintained by Domain Controllers. These roles are critical to the Active Directory Domain Services configuration. In this webinar, we will identify the different roles, and more importantly explain how the roles can (or should) be moved to different Domain Controllers in different scenarios.

Active Directory Restore Maintenance - on occasion, you may need to restore the Active Directory Domain Services database. This webinar will explore the different types of database restore functions, especially the ability to do an "authoritative" restore. As you can imagine, the name implies that this may be needed in some situations, and there is a specific tool (NTDSutil) that we will demonstrate to accomplish this task.

For More information, or to register for QuickCert's live computer training webinar series, contact a Career Advisor at 1.888.840.2378.