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Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8.1

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Quick Overview

Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8.1

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Course Description

The MCTS 70-687 training course Configuring Windows 8.1 teaches students the knowledge and skills to configure and administer Windows 8.1 as a standalone installation or in a corporate environment as a part of a Windows Active Directory domain. Students provided with the ability to create and deploy images, configure hardware and software, configure networking and backup and restore system information.

When you pass Exam 70-688: Configuring Windows 8, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s):

  • MCTS: Windows 8, Configuration

We offer you the most effective way to earn your Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). Professionals holding the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows 8, Configuring certification have demonstrated the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Perform a clean install of Windows 8
  • Create an image for deployment
  • Configure hardware devices
  • Configure software for compatibility
  • Configure networking including sharing resources
  • Configure DirectAccess for the network
  • Monitor and configure system performance
  • Perform backups and configure system restore
  • Windows 8 Mobility

We ensure you'll receive the training and knowledge needed to succeed.Ê


Microsoft Exam 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 Certification Training Course Curriculum:

Exam: 70-687

Chapter 1: Course Introduction
Introducing Darin Sutton
Course Outline
Student Prerequisites
Certification Tracks
Chapter Review

Chapter 2: Microsoft Windows 8 Course
Demonstration Example
Building an Environment
Chapter Review

Chapter 3: New Features in Windows 8
Login Options
PC Settings
Default Metro Desktop and Apps
Installing Apps from the App Store
Searching Metro Desktop
SkyDrive and Internet Explorer 10
Non-Metro Desktop
Chapter Review

Chapter 4: Installing Windows 8
Editions and Architectures
Hardware Minimum Requirements
Upgrade Advisor and Migration Limitations
Installation Options and Types
Performing a Clean Installation
Chapter Review

Chapter 5: Upgrading or Migrating
Upgrade and Migration Limitations
Key Steps for Upgrading
Upgrading Windows 7 to 8
Key Steps for Migrating
Windows Easy Transfer
User State Migration Tool
Migration Backup
Windows 8 Migration
Activating Windows 8
Chapter Review

Chapter 6: Managing Images and Disks
Installation via Image
Imaging Disk Tools
Image Management Demo
Disk Partitions and Volumes
Disk Management
Virtual Hard Disks
Virtual Hard Disk Capabilities
Chapter Review

Chapter 7: Managing Devices and Drivers
Device Drivers 101
Driver Installation
Device Management
Management and Maintenance
Signed Drivers
Verifying Signed Drivers
Driver Staging
Installing PNP Utility
Chapter Review

Chapter 8: Network Configuration
Network Basics
IPv4 Basics
IPv4 Addressing
IPv4 Subnetting
Network Adapter Settings
Configuring Network Settings
Using the Command Line
Chapter Review

Chapter 9: Network Configuration IPv6
Protocol Migration from IPv4 to IPv6
IPv6 Basics
IPv6 Addressing
IPv6 Simplification
IPv6 Network Settings
Using the Command Line
Chapter Review

Chapter 10: Network Wireless
Wireless Networks
Wireless Basics and Broadband
Wireless Advantages and Disadvantages
Wireless Devices
Network Adapter Settings
Wireless Adapter Network Settings
Network Security
Location Aware Printing
Chapter Review

Chapter 11: Network Troubleshooting
Wireless Signal
Confirming the IP Address
Troubleshooting Wireless
Small Steps
Troubleshooting Demonstration

Chapter 12: Windows 8 Mobility
Power Configuration
Mobility Center
Power and Mobility
BitLocker To Go
Using BitLocker To Go
Windows To Go
Transparent Caching and Offline Files
Location Aware Printing

Chapter 13: Local Security
Windows Firewall
Configuring Windows Firewall
User Access Control
RunAs Command
Elevated Permissions and UAC
Credentials Manager
Managing Credentials
Windows Updates
Windows Defender
Configuring Windows Defender
Chapter Review

Chapter 14: Network and Remote Security
Network Security 101
Layered Defense
Area Of Concern
Overview of PowerShell ISE
Remote Desktop
Remote Assistance
Chapter Review

Chapter 15: Application Management
Desktop Applications
Windows Store Applications
Visiting Windows Store Applications
AppLocker Policies and Rules
Chapter Review

Chapter 16: Internet Explorer 10
Compatibility View
InPrivate Browsing
InPrivate Filtering
SmartScreen Filtering
Internet Explorer in Windows 8

Chapter 17: File and Folder Configuration
NTFS Permissions
File and Folder Permissions
File and Folder Rights
EFS and BitLocker
Windows Data Center and SkyDrive
Storing Data Using SkyDrive
Chapter Review

Chapter 18: VPN and VPN Reconnect
What is a VPN?
Methods or Protocols for Connection
VPN Components
VPN Server Configuration
VPN Reconnect
VPN Client Side Configuration
Chapter Review

Chapter 19: Direct Access
What is Direct Access?
Network Access Services Overview
Name Resolution Policy Table
Connecting Internally
Connecting Externally
Direct Access Scenario
Direct Access Installation Requirements
Chapter Review

Chapter 20: Branch Cache
What Is Branch Cache?
Different Modes
Managing Branch Cache
Monitoring Brach Cache
Activating Branch Cache
Branch Cache New Features
Chapter Review

Chapter 21: Monitoring Windows 8
Task Manager
Windows Experience
Event Logs
Monitoring Basics
Performance Monitor
Data Collector Sets
Monitoring Windows 8
Resource and Reliability Monitor
Resource and Reliability Monitor Demo
Memory and Network Diagnostics
Problems Steps Recorder
Problems Steps Reporter
Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools Demo
Chapter Review

Chapter 22: Windows 8 Performance
Mobile Performance
Desktop Performance
Network Performance
Performance Optimization
Performance Tools
Hard Drive Disks
Hardware Performance Optimization
Chapter Review

Chapter 23: Backup and Recovery
File History
Backing Up Data
Performing a System Restore
Chapter Review

Chapter 24: Certification Preparation
MS Website Exam Overview
Instant Expert
Microsoft Official Curriculum
Study Recommendations
Exam Preparation

Chapter 25: Course Review

Instructor Bio

Darin Sutton

MCT 2012, MCITP, MCTS, SCVMM, SCCM, Private Cloud

Darin's technical expertise is well rounded and it runs deeper in Server/Security technologies thru cutting edge new products in Advanced Technology and even MS Office applications & Hardware. He enjoys teaching & training both on/off campus as well as volunteering his teaching skills in the community. In his spare time Darin develops course content for online classes and Universities, or works with his children (who are already certified).

Having served in the trenches as a support person and Engineer up thru Senior positions including IT Manager and Director Darin brings real-world Hardware, Software and SoftSkills to the table. His goal - whether teaching a small class, speaking to large crowds or delivering technical content to executives is to deliver content in a lively and often humorous style - "not just to keep them awake but to help everyone learn a little something for their day-to-day position and take away some information that proves useful in the long run."

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