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Oracle Database 11g Certified Associate (OCA)

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Quick Overview

Oracle Database 11g Certified Associate (OCA)

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Course Description

The Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certification (OCA 11g) ensures that database professionals you have a strong foundation and expertise in the industry’s most advanced database management system, Oracle 11g. 

Our 11g OCA training package covers includes the following exam courses needed for certification:

  • 1Z0-047: Oracle Database SQL Expert
  • 1Z0-052: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I

Our training course will teach students how to install and maintain an Oracle database, how to create an operational database and properly manage the various structures in an effective and efficient manner including performance monitoring, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques.  Students will also learn skills required for working with SQL, including how to use the advanced features of SQL in order to query and manipulate data within the database, control privileges at the object and system level, and use advanced querying and reporting techniques.  After completing
Our Oracle OCA 11g course, students will gain a conceptual understanding of the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another.

Oracle DBA's manage the industry's most advanced information systems and command some of the highest salaries.  By earning your Oracle Certification, you will be one step closer to gaining access to better career opportunities.


Oracle 11g Certification Training Course: OCA - Oracle Certified Associate Course Curriculum

Oracle OCA Exam 1Z0-052:


Database Architecture

Architectural Components of the Oracle Database
Memory Structures
Server Processes and Background Processes
Logical and Physical Storage Structures
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Installing the Oracle Software

Database Administrator Tasks and Tools
Planning a Oracle Database Installation
Using Optimal Flexible Architecture
Installing the Oracle Software using OUI
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Creating an Oracle Database

Planning for Database Creation
Configuring the Listener
Creating a Database
Module Summary
Review Quiz

The Oracle Instance

Starting and Stopping the Oracle Database
Using the Oracle Enterprise Manager
Access a Database with SQL*Plus
Modify Database Initialization Parameters
Database Startup
Database Shutdown
Viewing the Alert Log and Dynamic Performance Views
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Oracle Network Environment

Creating and Configuring Additional Listeners
Creating Oracle Net Service Aliases
When to Use Shared and Dedicated Servers
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Database Storage Structures

Describe Table Row Data and Define Tablespaces
Creating and Managing Tablespaces
Automatic Storage Management
Module Summary
Review Quiz

User Security

Create and Manage User Accounts
Grant and Revoke Privileges
Create and Manage Roles
Create and Manage Profiles
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Schema Objects

Defining Schema Objects and Data Types
Creating and Modifying Tables
Defining Constraints
Viewing Columns and Contents of a Table
Creating Indexes
Creating Views
Creating Sequences
Using Temporary Tables
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Data and Concurrency

Managing data Using SQL
Identifying and Administering PL/SQL Objects
Monitoring and Resolving Locking Conflicts
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Undo Data

Implementing Undo Data
Working with Undo Data
Module Summary
Review Quiz


DBA Security and Privileges
Enabling Auditing
Audit Options and Information
Fine Grained Auditing
Auditing the DBA and Maintaining the Audit Trail
Module Summary
Review Quiz


Managing Optimizer Statistics
Managing Automatic Workload Repository
Using the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
Setting Alerts and Thresholds
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Oracle Performance

Performance Monitoring with the Enterprise Manager
Using Automatic Memory Management
Viewing Performance Related Dynamic Views
Troubleshooting invalid and Unusable Objects
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Backup and Recovery

Types of Database Failure
Checkpoints, Redo Log Files, and Archive Log Files
Instance Recovery
Configuring for Recoverability
Configuring Archive Log Mode
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Database Backups

Backup Solutions Overview
Configuring Backup Settings
Scheduling Backups
Backing up Control Files to a Trace File
Managing Backups and the Flash Recovery Area
Using the RMAN Command Line
Module Summary
Review Quiz


Recovering From a Lost Control File
Recovering Redo Log Files
Recovering Non Critical and Critical Data Files
Using the Data Recovery Advisor
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Moving Data

Moving Data and Creating Directory Objects
Loading Data with the SQL Loader
Creating and Reading External Tables
Using Oracle Data Pump Export and Import
Data Pump Performance and Monitoring
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Database Maintenance

Using the Enterprise Manager Support Workbench
Metalink Integration and Managing Patches
Module Summary
Review Quiz
Course Review



Oracle Database/ SQL Expert: Exam 1Z0-047


Introduction to Oracle SQL

Relational Database Systems
Examining SQL
SQL Developer and SQL Plus
Examining the Database and Schema
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Select Statements

Basic Select Statements
Selecting Columns and Using Arithmetic Operators
Operator Precedence
Concatenation Operator
Displaying the Table Structure
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Where and Order By Clauses

Implementing the Where Clause
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Rules of Precedence
Substitution Variables
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Single Row Functions

Types of Single Row Functions
Working with Dates
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Group Functions

Types of Group Functions
Creating Groups of Data
Multi Column Grouping
Module Summary
Review Quiz


Natural Joins
Nonequijoins and Outer Joins
Cartesian Joins
Module Summary
Review Quiz


Single Row Subqueries
Multiple Row Subqueries
Null Values
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Set Operators

Union and Union All Operators
Intersect and Minus Operators
Select Statements and the Order By Clause
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Data Manipulation Language

Insert Statements
Update Statement
Delete Statement
Database Transactions
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Data Definition Language

Creating Tables
Data Types and Constraints
Altering a Table Statement
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Schema Objects

Module Summary
Review Quiz

User Privileges

Creating a User
System Privileges
Role and Object Privileges
Granting and Revoking Privileges
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Schema Objects

Altering a Table
Adding Constraints
Dropping Constraints
Dropping Tables and Flashback Table
Create and Use External Tables
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Oracle Data Dictionary Views

Using the Oracle Data Dictionary
Types of Views and Querying the Data Dictionary
View Information
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Large Data Sets

Using Subqueries
Default values and Copying Rows
Multi Table Insert
Merge Statement
Flash Back Version Query
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Time Zones

Time Zone Functions
Time Stamp Data Types
Interval Data Types
Available Functions
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Advanced Sub-Queries

Pairwise and Nonpairwise Comparison Queries
Scalar Subquery
Correlated Subquery
Exist Operator and With Clause
Module Summary
Review Quiz

Regular Expressions

Using Regular Expressions
Using Subexpressions and Check Constraint Expressions
Module Summary
Review Quiz
Course Review

Instructor Bio

Charles J. Felix

"Chuck" has over 40 years in IT. 20 years in Information Services as a programmer/analyst/Oracle DBA. 5 years as an Oracle instructor. Chuck brings his unique training style and enthusiasm to everything he teaches.

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